We work with well-known banks and lenders to ensure you get the money with the lowest rate and in a timely manner. As you work with the lender for the next maybe 20 or 30 years of your life, we ensure you are in good hands.


To the end of the completion of your home buying or selling transaction we are there to assist. On a closing date, when the ownership of the home is getting transferred to the buyer, we represent you.


To provide peace of mind, it is a good idea to do the title search and title insurance.  When you buy a home, later no one can claim the house is theirs. Title insurance is indemnity insurance which protects home owner and loan provider.

Legal Aid

To go through the process of closing and to ensure all the steps went through properly and all the closing documents are accurate, you need to hire an attorney. We can assist you to hire an attorney to do the property transfers right.


To expedite and secure the process of closing is always good to get pre-approval for a mortgage. When you have the pre-approval then the buyer knows you are serious and your financial credit is strong,

Lock the Rate

It is a good idea to lock the interest rate for loan in advance. As market fluctuate it is a big risk if rates rise before closing. We work with the lender to ensure the lowest interest rate applies to your loan for the term you get your loan.


From start to the end of the procedure of buying a home, there are lots of hidden costs and junk fees that if you won't be careful it will add up to your closing costs. These fees are from admin fee, processing fee, settlement fee, closing fee so we are right there to negotiate and get the best deals for you.


Home inspection and pest inspection are two vital tasks that should be done to examine the condition of the property and back out of the deal or ask the seller to fix the problems or pay for the issues prior to purchasing. We work with inspection companies to prevent any destructive problems.


Since home sale or buying involves multiple steps, it is a good idea to open an escrow account to hold and regulate payment of the funds required for two parties involved in a home-buying transaction till all the conditions are fulfilled. The money is held by the escrow agent till all the obligations are fulfilled.

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